Enhancing citizens' experience of public transport in Ajmer through digitization

The goal of smart transportation is to make getting around a city more convenient, safer, and cost-effective with the use of new and emerging technologies. Smart transportation doesn’t just exist as a theory, it’s being implemented right now by TraxSmart in several cities. This case study outlines our journey in Ajmer, India to enable the same.

The Challenge

Public transportation is an integral part of the daily lives of a lot of people, and any problems with it can be very disruptive. Here are the frustrating problems that commuters and transportation companies both encountered in Ajmer: 

Ensuring security 

Security protocols were badly lacking in Ajmer’s public transportation system. In order to ensure the safety of both the passengers and the drivers, the transport system urgently needed security devices that could also streamline monitoring and management.

Reducing environmental impact

The aging public transport systems in Ajmer, which still used old technology, contributed to approximately a quarter of all greenhouse gas emissions.

Improving customer experience

Ajmer’s citizens are so accustomed to technology, they expected more comfort, convenience, and customisation while using public transport, which required updating the public transport system.  

Enhancing efficiency 

Around 60% of passenger delays in Ajmer were caused by lack of efficient management of the transport system. Moreover, inefficient management of public transport often landed vehicles in traffic jams as there was no route optimisation system in place. 

The Solution

We integrated Ajmer’s public transport with technology by using our smart solutions that could collect data, monitor and manage vehicles in real-time, and organise timetables with more efficiency. Here is an overview of the same: 

  1. GPS devices were installed on Ajmer Nagar Nigam’s public transportation buses to keep a track of their locations, routes travelled, all in real-time
  1. Introduced vehicle monitoring system based on centralized dashboards for public transportation
  1. Automated reporting for arrival and departure times of buses at the stops to reduce waiting time and ensure drivers maintain timeliness.
  1. Provided authorities with data-backed insights using MIS reports to improve performance and streamline management. Data uncovered key information, such as peak times, vehicle’s status,etc. to allow authorities to customise plans.
  1. Created a Citizen’s App for tracking buses in real time, checking bus stops and schedules, and route-wise fare charts. Click here to know more about Ajmer Smart Citizen App.

App for Citizens

  • Kachra Vahan/Auto Tipper Location updates about the arrival of waste collectors in the area
  • Allows to raise sweeping complaints about the work of sanitation workers or negligence in cleanliness, and other related issues
  • Both English and Hindi versions of the app are available so that users can choose what they prefer

Click here to know more about Ajmer Smart Citizen App

The Benefits

Improved safety

By combining machine learning and IoT/ 4G, we were able to significantly reduce the “human factor” in accidents

Robust monitoring

With our smart transportation devices, we provided detailed data points on all aspects of the transportation system, as well as the ability to better monitor operations and identify potential problems.

Enhanced efficiency

Using our smart solutions, we were able to identify areas for improvement, which better served the community and ensured buses were available on the bus stops


Reduced costs

By focusing on preventative maintenance, reducing energy consumption, and reducing accident-related resources, we helped to reduce costs. Riders also saved money because public transit was inexpensive and efficient enough to compete with private cars.

Greater visibility

The city’s traffic management centers could receive rapid notification of trouble spots and citywide problems affecting roads, public safety, or emergency response so they could take action or communicate more efficiently with other agencies.


Furthermore, our smart fuel sensors lowered their carbon footprint by their fuel consumption.

Are you interested in these benefits? Let’s simplify transport management together. 

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