AIS 140 GPS Devices

Real-time location with easy-to-use

Get AIS140 certified GPS Tracking device, BSNL certificate and Form 17 at best prices

Advanced AIS 140 GPS Tracking

Real-time location with easy-to-use vehicle tracking dashboard. Manage fleet operations with real-time vehicle status & ensure safety with instant speeding & violation alarms.

Panic/SOS Button (Emergency Request Button)

Vehicles equipped with AIS 140 Certified devices are also fitted with SOS button(s). One click button for driver in case of emergency or any urgent issue. In case of emergency, vehicle breakdown or any mishappening, driver can press SOS button, thereby sharing live location itself, ensuring faster response time to incidents.

Panic/SOS Button (Emergency Request Button)

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Why AIS 140 certification mandate required in India?

Aids in vehicle performance monitoring

Ensures passenger safety

Improvements to public transportation

Monitoring the driver’s aspects

Human Experience Management

Service Offerings

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VTS for Government Fleet Maintenance Management

With a VTS, government fleet managers can stay on top of all forthcoming maintenance operations that the fleet requires.

AIS 140: Optimal Route Planning for Drivers

AIS 140 enables the driver to chart out routes, allowing him to take the quickest route in the shortest amount of time.

Addressing Driver Misconduct in Public Transportation

This sector’s public transportation drivers are renowned for breaking traffic laws, driving while intoxicated, and exceeding the speed limit.

Car Tracking Devices for Performance Monitoring

With a car tracking device installed in their vehicle, they may now be monitored and their performance

Why AIS 140?

Compilation with AIS 140 are

The different public transportation vehicles which need to comply with AIS 140 are

Emergency vehicles

Taxi services

Public transport systems

School buses

Employee transport

AIS 140

Begins Wednesday,
June 28!


The most remote areas with unstable network. Letstrack AIS 140 will have you covered with a GSM


Add unlimited devices in the Letstrack application for tracking your fleet of various vehicles like cars, vans, trucks etc


A rescue feature only meant to be used in emergency, simply by clicking on the SOS button.

Antitheft Alarm

It prevents your car from being stolen by switching the engine off when someone tries to switch it on.